Kimono Sushi (Downtown Vancouver)

I have always struggled with dining options near Scotiabank Theatre. Given that I teach on the Point Grey campus of UBC, I never really have needed to eat food after a class on the UBC Robson Square campus. Thus I am often left pondering “where the hell are we going to eat?” when JT and I go to the movies near Scotiabank.

Well, both of us had had sushi before at Kimono Sushi, pressed for time the same way we were this time (JT picked me up at UBC, and the drive back into downtown took us a while). We realized that while there was an Earls restaurant near by and a couple of Italian pizzerias, we were literally going to be unable to eat food in 45 mins (e.g. sit down, order, have our food delivered, eat, pay the bill and get out). We were able to do so at Kimono Sushi. The food was good (although there’s plenty of other sushi restaurants that will deliver that good of a sushi platter), if not spectacular.

Kimono Sushi (Downtown Vancouver)

If you have to be at Scotiabank Cinemas (or have something to do downtown Vancouver near Robson and Hornby), I’d suggest Kimono Sushi. Not my first choice, but not a bad one.

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