RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) [movie review]

Helen Mirren is a goddess. Bruce Willis can still fight like the best (in the movies). John Malkovich is still perfect at looking like he’s totally out of it. Morgan Freeman is one of the best actors of this and the previous (and perhaps the next) generation. And RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) is, against my own predictions, an extremely funny movie.

Bear in mind that (a) I love Bruce Willis; (b) I love Helen Mirren; (c) I love any movie that shows potential underdogs winning and beating the bad guys; (d) I love violent movies that aren’t extremely gory (e.g. where spies show much more brain than brawn); (e) I always take the side of those who seem likely to lose the battle (and in this case, since these are supposed to be the elderly spies, they’re supposed to be easy to take down).

In the movie, Willis, Malkovich, Freeman and Mirren play four retired ex-spies who are the target of a CIA-black ops kind-of operation where they are to be eliminated. Of course, if I tell you how the movie ends, I’m giving away the ending. Suffice it to say that (a) Willis looks awesome eliminating obstacles that run in his pathway and (b) there is no classiest female spy in the world than Helen Mirren.

You should seriously see it. Showtimes in Vancouver can be found here.

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