Los Viajes del Viento (guest movie review by @OnlineStrategy)

I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets from my friend Raul to attend opening night gala at the 8th Vancouver Latin American Film Festival (VLAFF).

VLAFF’s focus in 2010 is on Colombian cinema, so it was just fitting that “Los Viajes Del Viento” (“The Wind Journeys”) was the first production screened at the Festival. If one’s intention in watching a movie is to be transported to far-away realities, then “The Wind Journeys”, directed by Ciro Guerra, certainly accomplishes that, as we’re led on a long trip to the northern region of Colombia.

The plot is simple: take a teenager coming of age during a long journey, mix it with doses of undeserved loyalty, add a man’s bitterness, and there’s the essence to the story.

With Colombia’s diverse geography as the backdrop, we watch as young Fermín (skillfully portrayed by Yull Nuñez) follows master accordion player Ignacio Carrillo (Marciano Martínez) on a trip to take a prized accordion back to its original owner. The cinematography certainly does justice to the country’s rich colours, and spectators are shown landscapes that they probably never guessed existed in that country.

There are several light-hearted moments throughout the film, largely made possible by Yull Nuñez brilliant performance as Fermín. You don’t need to understand Spanish – or read the subtitles – to understand his emotions. His face says it all.

There was also some suspense and several quirky elements to keep the senses alert, such as a strange group of party revellers that spoke a strange dialect and seemed intent on wearing their shades – even at night.

Nuñez superb acting, and the great cinematography (by Paulo Perez), were the highlights of a film with a predictable screenplay. Having said that, “The Wind Journeys” was a pleasant introduction to Colombian cinema and I’d still recommend it.

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