Cabbagetown (Toronto)

Cabbagetown (Toronto) Visiting Toronto for the first time without the pressure to be just flown in and flown out was a lot of fun. I did fall in love with Toronto. While I was adjusting to the jet lag, and after I had completed my first day of meetings and talks, I went for a walk around Cabbagetown in the downtown east side of Toronto. I had already been here on the first day I arrived as Meghan and Pamela joined me for dinner at Margaritas.

Speaking of Margaritas, there’s a blog post forthcoming. Dinner and all said, I hadn’t really explored Cabbagetown. Honestly, it’s such a cute area of downtown Toronto. From the Wikipedia entry:

The name Cabbagetown came from stories of new Irish immigrants digging up their front lawns and planting cabbage, as had been done during the years of the Irish Potato Famine. In this era the Cabbagetown name most often applied to the area south of Gerrard Street, with the part to the north still being called Don Vale. It was a working class neighbourhood, but reached its peak of prosperity just before the First World War, which is when many of the brick homes in the area date from.

I found this area to have a lot of character, and frankly I didn’t feel unsafe at all walking around at night.

Cabbagetown (Toronto)

Cabbagetown (Toronto)

I’ll have to explore Toronto in more detail next time!

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CatherineOctober 29th, 2010 at 1:17 pm

Yes, I am from Toronto and love Cabbagetown. It has so much character!

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