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Friends' birthdays (2B1I) I thought I had written about all of the Glowbal Group restaurants (after all, I have eaten at pretty much all of them), but as it turns out no, I hadn’t done a write up for Sanafir. Even though Glowbal Group partnered with me to give away dinner gift certificates as part of my Happy Father’s Day promotional campaign. So, I was thrilled to be at Sanafir the other night for a few drinks with a small group of great friends of mine Peter and Marilyn Andersen, John Biehler, John and Rebecca Bollwitt, Tanya and Barry Desrosiers, Keira Anne Mellis and Duane Storey (our friends Ianiv and Arieanna had already left as they had to get home to see their little one).

Friends' birthdays (2B1I)Drinks at Sanafir (and eats) are pretty good. I ordered 2 Nile’s (a pineapple and vodka drink that tasted glorious at $9.00) and a Dahab (at $7, not overpriced). All these cocktails were great. We shared a few appetizers, but the better part of the evening was just spending time with friends. I’ll definitely come back to Sanafir for dinner. I’m sold just by the drinks!

Friends' birthdays (2B1I)

Friends' birthdays (2B1I)

Friends' birthdays (2B1I)

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SherryOctober 15th, 2010 at 9:13 am

I love the food there, although it’s so dark that my friend once set her menu on fire, trying to read it too close to the candle.

Tanya (@netchick)October 18th, 2010 at 3:17 pm

AWESOME to spend a little time with ya sweetie! Great to catch up while we were in town.

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