Bard and Banker (Victoria, BC)

After Social Media Camp Victoria 2010, a number of us (attendees, volunteers and in my case, speakers) went to a Scottish pub in the heart of downtown Victoria (Bard and Banker Scottish Pub) to have some food and hang out. While it’s a decently-sized pub, the service wasn’t all that impressive at the beginning, to be quite honest.

But by the end of the night, I really had enjoyed my visit there, mostly because I sat in the area that was originally reserved for us, and just hung out with Jordan Keats, Jodie Gastel and Chris Parsons. Despite my “hummingbird” behavior, I’m not really all that social when I am in crowds. I get “over-people’d”.

Social Media Camp Victoria 2010 As soon as I arrived, I asked one of the waitresses which area we were supposed to sit in. After a few minutes of back-and-forth, we were led to the back room and the patio (both very pretty and spacious locations). I ordered a beer ($5.00) and a really strange dish (Indian curry chicken stew topped with parsnip whipped potatoes, for $15.00).

At first, I was worried I was going to still be hungry after dinner, but the curry chicken was surprisingly VERY good, and very filling. My overall bill came to about $23 (we got a 15% discount because of SMC).

The waitresses were really nice and I can’t complain at all about the service after we were seated because they were really friendly and prompt. Our food was of good quality and the beer was also good. Overall, I probably will come back to Bard and Banker on a night when they’re not too crowded. The food wasn’t horribly expensive and was very tasty. And the company and conversations were the best part.
Social Media Camp Victoria 2010

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