Mental Health Camp expanding – you interested?

Vancouver Island
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Even though both my dear friend Isabella Mori and I ended up after organizing Mental Health Camp Vancouver 2010 absolutely and entirely drained and overwhelmed, we recognize the value of what we have created (building on what our good friend Airdrie originated at Northern Voice 2009). Recent sad news of increases in gay teen’s suicides have led me to believe that it is particularly timely now to have the conversation around organizing Mental Health Camp in other cities. Neither Isabella nor I have the energy, nor resources to organize them other than in Vancouver, but we are more than happy to offer our expertise and experience to anyone who is interested.

We are both aware of Mental Health Camp United Kingdom being in the works, and we are probably going to start thinking about Mental Health Camp Vancouver 2011 pretty soon. So, do me a favor please – share this blog post with anyone you know that might be interested in (a) collaborating in MHC Vancouver 2011 (either organizing or presenting), (b) organizing a MHC in their own city (regardless of the country), or (c) anyone that you might think might benefit from learning more about Mental Health Camp.

Thank you.

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