Terracotta (Gastown)

Terracotta Vancouver I’m surprisingly not someone who eats Chinese food. For the most part, I eat Japanese, and sometimes Thai, but I’ve been very neglectful in trying Chinese. And I was quite surprised when I found out that Terracotta (whose name does not quite remind me of Chinese food) did Chinese. So, I’ve been trying for a while now to come visit Terracotta, but I had been so insanely busy and then I got sick. Though my wish has been granted.

Terracotta Vancouver I was joined recently by Mijune (@FollowMeFoodie), Brenda (@MightyVanilla), Christie Lohr (@ChristieLohr), Heather (@Hez), Melody (@GourmetFury), Erin Ireland (@Erin_Ireland) and a few other guests to a small gathering at Terracotta to try some of their menu (direct samples, not specifically made for us as foodies).

Their signature cocktail (aloe vera with Grey Goose vodka) was to-die-for, and I really loved the samples we had of their rather solid menu. My photos don’t really do them any justice.

Thanks to my friend Cassandra Anderton (@GoodLifeVan) for the invite! Check out Terracotta, it’s a place that is going to be pretty well attended.

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livSeptember 14th, 2010 at 5:44 pm

did you like it? I haven’t heard of this place before. looks interesting!

MarkSeptember 19th, 2010 at 10:07 pm

Raul it was such a pleasure meeting you, please come and visit us anytime. I look forward to your opinion on our other top selling cocktail 12 yr aged Chivas with Green Tea as well as items on our menu you have yet to try. Truly look forward to your next visit!


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