MyPlace Laptop Table (review)

laptop tableI have been doing a lot of cleaning up and getting rid of stuff that I no longer use over the summer (particularly when my mom came, because I wanted to have my place tidy and ready for when she visited me. One of the things I hadn’t really had a chance to use lately was my “MyPlace” laptop workstation (pictured). My cousin M gave it to me last Christmas as she knew that I needed it for when I work at home. Truth be told, because I’m always at the office, I hadn’t used it in a few months.

But this morning, since I woke up early (and I’ve been feeling a bit cold with the changing weather from summer to fall), I decided to dust it open again and use it to do some work (even though it’s a Saturday, I still know that I have work to do, as the new semester starts in less than a week). And I’ve been working from the comfort of my bed. With the MyPlace table, I can sit in an ergonomically correct position and write.

I have used it before while writing on my couch, but I don’t feel the same degree of comfort as when I write in bed (probably because my bed doesn’t have the same degree of flexibility as my couch). The MyPlace laptop table works best, in my opinion, when you use it against a more firm surface. You can use it to raise your laptop to the height you need when working, for example, in your coffee table.

I remember that my cousin M bought the MyPlace for around $30 (plus tax), which I think is reasonable considering what the prices are for other laptop stands. Overall, I love it. And I’m glad I never got rid of it or recycled it!

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