Alexis (Cambie Street)

A few weeks ago, Minna, Jay, Nathan and I went to see Robin Hood (Minna won the tickets I gave away for the ITSAZOO Productions performance). We had a great time, and by the time the play was over, we were hungry so we settled on Alexis (formerly Alexis Taverna, and on FourSquare it reads Alexi’s). It’s a Greek food restaurant I had eaten at many times when I was doing my MBA and PhD.

Alexis (Greek restaurant on Cambie) While the service was really weird (the waitress must have had a really bad day, she wasn’t on top of her game), the food can’t be faulted as it’s always filling and flavourful. The owner is a really sweet guy and he remembered me from the many times I had eaten there. I am particularly fond of Alexis’ souvlakia as well as their melitzano.

I’ll have to come back another time as I don’t think it’s fair to assess the service of this particular waitress on a night when she probably was a bit off. But as I said, the food was good and I think Nathan, Minna and Jay liked it too. More importantly, I am glad that the Cambie corridor is getting more traffic, because honestly it was sad to see during the construction stages of the Canada Line.

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