Room Eighteen (Kitsilano)

Room Eighteen (Kitsilano) After Susanne Conrad’s excellent workshop (imagine1day), a group of friends (and friends of friends) and I went for a much-deserved drink. I got a chance to meet Jocelyn Ling, organizer of the workshop, and hang out with a good friend of mine, André Malan, and a few of his friends too. Good times all around. As for the place, Room Eighteen, I had already been here before with my group of non-online friends, but I never wrote about it.

Room Eighteen (Kitsilano) The food is good, I ordered a burger with a Caesar salad ($11). Not impressed with the salad, particularly because they wouldn’t give me a 50/50 split on salad and fries (which normally EVERY restaurant does), and also, the balsamic vinegar on a Caesar salad doesn’t really jive. There weren’t any capers either. But the one thing that made my night was the excellent service. Our waitress was really speedy, and attentive. We ordered 2 pitchers of sangria ($26 each), which while feeling slightly watery, was good enough.

While my friends ordered wings (some covered with mole, which was pretty authentic if I say so myself), and they were really good, wings aren’t really my thing (I know, I’m weird in what I eat). But they loved them, and the one I tried was good too. That’s also traditional pub fare, I might add. The rest of my Flickr photo set is here.

Would I come back to Room Eighteen? Yeah, I would. It’s not super expensive, and it’s a decent enough alternative to many pretentious bars. This is pretty much a sports bar, where you come, eat your burger and fries and watch the hockey game and have a beer. Simple works.

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Ian BarrAugust 13th, 2010 at 9:38 am

Either those buns are ultra mini or you’re going ultra low carb ; )
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