Miyako Sushi (Downtown Vancouver)

Miyako Sushi (Burrard and Pender) I had been looking for a sushi spot in the downtown core (the financial district, more than anything) for a long while. I do know more or less where to get sushi around The Network Hub (where I have my office). The other day I had to meet up with JT for lunch downtown within the financial district, and we only had 45 minutes so I risked it and suggested Miyako Sushi.

Honestly, I had never even tried the sushi here. But since I walk around downtown Vancouver quite a lot, I often pass by places that look interesting (there goes my economic geography lecture on location theory – foot traffic is quite important for restaurants!). So, JT and I went here for lunch. The bento boxes were priced in the range of $10, which is normal for a bento box these days.

Miyako Sushi (Burrard and Pender)

Miyako Sushi has free wifi and it’s actually quite cozy and nicely decorated. I would totally come back if I ever had to have meetings around that side of town, close to Burrard and Pender. The sushi was good, the miso soup was good, it was definitely authentic, and of all the sushi places I’ve reviewed, it’s one of the nicest.

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imkoontaAugust 11th, 2010 at 6:55 pm

I’ve been looking for an authentic Japanese place to grab a bento box for lunch downtown so thanks for this!

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