Speakeasy Bar and Grill (West End, Davie Street)

I am absolutely, totally, completely enthralled with Speakeasy. After never having entered this bar/restaurant/establishment simply because it looked a bit hidden (it’s right by Cafe Luxy and SuperValu), I now have to admit that the folks at Speakeasy completely blew my mind. The service when my friends Alisha Mann, Don, Minna Van and Jay Catalan joined me for drinks and dinner after the Vancouver Pride Parade 2010 was simply extraordinary.

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Our waitress was an absolute sweetheart and I am in absolute awe of her and the whole team. The bartender did the drinks I wanted him to make me the way I wanted them, the food was great, and the bartender even allowed me to recharge my iPhone (I always carry my charger that can be connected directly to the power outlet). Overall, it was a great experience. Big ups, particularly considering that it was Pride weekend and that they were overwhelmed. I’ll definitely come back and recommend it.

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TylerAugust 6th, 2010 at 9:25 am

I went for breakfast at the SpeakEasy on Granville and enjoyed it. Haven’t been to the one on Davie St, didn’t know there was one there either!

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