Little Nest (Commercial Drive)

I knew of Little Nest thanks to a recommendation by my friend Rob Cottingham. Even though I live in East Vancouver, and I do eat out a lot, I am never sure where I can go for lunch, brunch or dinner that can be kid-friendly. And given that Ianiv and Arieanna are two of my closest friends and they do have a little one, it’s important to me to know of places where we can meet and hang out. Little Nest is one of those.

Little Nest with Ianiv, Arieanna and Aiden

Little Nest with Ianiv, Arieanna and Aiden

Arieanna, Ianiv, Aiden and I went for brunch this morning to Little Nest. I ordered the Little Nest breakfast ($11, scrambled eggs, pesto sauce, and mixed veggies that included zucchini, tomato, mushrooms, lots of purple onion and a bit of potato), and an orange juice (adult sized, $3.95). Surprisingly (and I say this in the nicest way possible), I was shocked to find out that the scrambled eggs are as good as those from Crave on Main. Which is a lot to say.

Little Nest with Ianiv, Arieanna and Aiden

Little Nest with Ianiv, Arieanna and Aiden While not extremely inexpensive, you can have brunch at Little Nest for as little as $8.00 (overall, mine came to about $18, tax and tip included). Overall, I was delighted just to have a chance to spend time with Arieanna, Ianiv and play with Aiden. As I was telling them this morning, given that my brother, sister-in-law and nephew are in Calgary, it’s almost only really with the Schwebers that I get to be an uncle while in Vancouver. And I love their little one. I have been friends with Ianiv and Arieanna even before they had a baby, so it’s nice to have the relationship evolve as they grow as a family.

I’d thoroughly recommend Little Nest for family gatherings, particularly when there are little kids involved. For Arieanna’s review on her new blog, click here.

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ArieannaAugust 2nd, 2010 at 4:25 pm

It was a fabulous brunch, thanks so much for the recommendation!

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