The Beach Club Resort in Parksville, BC

Parksville For some reason (and I think it’s the people who live there), I always have a fantastic time when folks from Vancouver Island invite me over, whether it is an event, an speaking engagement, a holiday or a press trip. I visited Sidney and Salt Spring Island last year, covering the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre as well and it was a blast.

A few months back I was invited on a press trip by Luba Plotnikoff (Oceanside Tourism Association) to cover the Parksville Uncorked Wine and Food Festival (you can read all my posts here). This was, by and large, one of my best experiences as far as press trips goes.

The Beach Club Resort But then I got invited to bring my Mom along to Parksville and Qualicum Beach, and I offered to showcase it not only from my perspective, but also from hers as a foreign visitor to Canada and to Vancouver Island. And the bar got raised yet again. The Beach Club Resort and the Tigh-Na-Mara hosted us, respectively for 2 and 1 night, and were absolutely amazing hosts to both my Mom and I.

The Beach Club Resort My and my Mom’s experience at The Beach Club Resort was absolutely out of this world. We stayed in one of their Penthouse suites (a 2 bedroom one). These suites have the great advantage of being independent from one another (and separated by a door) so you can easily divide them into two. But joined together you have a fully-functioning apartment.

The Beach Club Resort I figured my Mom would want to know if we could stay here and not have to spend eating out, etc. (even though I had planned my budget to account for this trip’s expenses). I also knew I had to look at this from the perspective of someone who doesn’t want to spent lots of cash in dinners/breakfasts around the town). Luckily, the penthouse suite we stayed at had a fully equipped kitchen (and, I mean FULLY).

We practically only had to buy a few grocery items at the local market and we were ready to cook in house. If you booked a few days here at The Beach Club Resort, you can just shop for groceries and you’d have a full apartment to run your life through. We spent two lovely evenings watching TV and chatting right beside the fireplace.

And of course, the view… see for yourself!

Panoramic view

The Beach Club Resort has, amongst other amenities, a seaside pool and hot tub, fitness centre, the Stonewater Spa (which I didn’t get to visit, not for lack of interest, but because we were too busy visiting Parksville and Qualicum Beach), and Pacific Prime Steak & Chop Restaurant (which I did eat dinner AND breakfast at). The Pacific Prime Steak & Chop has a wonderful beachfront patio just off the Parksville Beach Boardwalk.

The Beach Club Resort

Luba, my Mom and I had a couple of drinks on the beach-side patio at Pacific Prime. The weather for our weekend getaway was absolutely incredible. The Pacific Prime Steak & Chop deserves a post in itself, particularly because our dinner and breakfast there were simply superb (and against what you might think in a resort of this high quality, not all that expensive – e.g. not much more different from what you would normally pay in Vancouver – and this is a high-end hotel!)

While my camera probably doesn’t do much justice to the excellent Penthouse suite, you can find the rest of my Flickr set here. I am particularly proud of the beautiful sunset photos.

Panoramic view

The Beach Club Resort is an excellent high-end hotel, with a number of innovations towards sustainability (they currently have four Green Stars, from what I remember). You can reserve here (and honestly, Parksville is a fantastic destination for tourism, both Canadian and foreign). I had an opportunity to talk with one of the awesome folks of The Beach Club Resort and he mentioned that they had recently hosted a Mexican family who were friends with my parents (which was a wonderful coincidence).

The Beach Club Resort

I can’t stress enough how amazing the staff of The Beach Resort were with us, and in particular, Jenn Stitt (Owner Liaison). Everyone at TBCR went the extra mile to help my Mom and I out, given particularly her limited mobility at times due to her knee injury, and the more important thing is that they said to us “we would give everyone as much attention as we give to you – regardless of whether you are press or not – we are focused on our customers”. I did, of course, pay attention to how they handled other guests and yes, absolutely, they were just as kind and awesome to everyone. It seems to me as though it’s in the culture of folks here to be super nice.

I will definitely come back and stay at The Beach Club Resort, and hopefully again with my Mom at some point later this year. This will be my reward for having worked really hard in 2010!

Disclosure: My and my Mom’s stay at The Beach Club Resort was sponsored very generously by the resort. My expenses to travel to and from Parksville were covered by the Oceanside Tourism Association (thanks to the kind folks of BC Ferries too!). I wasn’t paid to write this review, nor was I required to do so either. In any review I write or publish on my site, I retain editorial control at all times. Should you have any questions/concern feel free to contact me via e-mail through my contact form.

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TylerJuly 31st, 2010 at 12:07 pm

Your photos are good Raul! Glad you met Luba too! I haven’t met her yet, but I’ve chatted with her about various island things.

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