Dinner at Q4 Restaurant (Quattro on Fourth)

Dinner w Mom at Q4 Restaurant I have incredibly fond memories of Q4 Restaurant (formerly Quattro on Fourth). A few years ago, when I defended my doctoral dissertation, Dr. Thomas W. Ross (one of the best scholars in industrial organizations in Canada and my boss for many, many years as I was his research assistant during my MBA and my PhD) took me to Quattro on Fourth for dinner.

As he indicated, he wanted to take me out to a really nice restaurant to celebrate my accomplishments. And I think the general perception of Quattro on Fourth (now Q4 Restaurant) has always been (at least in my circles) as an elegant, classy and tasty Italian restaurant.

Dinner w Mom at Q4 Restaurant So when I got an invite to dine here while my Mom was still in town, I jumped at the opportunity. My Mom’s birthday (as you may have read) was on July 26th, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to celebrate her as she would be back in Mexico. So I decided to accept Q4′s invitation and take her as my guest. It was one of the best decisions I have made, seriously. I already knew that Q4′s food would be great, but I hadn’t had a chance recently to see the innovations in the menu, nor the different approaches that they had been implementing.

I had several opportunities throughout our dinner to chat with Patrick Forsi, who has been the owner ever since Q4 was Quattro (and he now has a new partner in the business). Michelle, our server (who is absolutely amazing, I might add), got us started with a “small” version of their antipasto. I specifically requested it to be small as I wanted to sample more of the food during my visit. You can see the “small” antipasto below (honestly, I thought we weren’t going to finish and this was just a primo).

Dinner w Mom at Q4 Restaurant

I was particularly taken with the sample of Arancini di Riso (Dungeness crab and Arborio rice croquetta with a caper and lemon aioli served with a shaved fennel salad), the salmon carpaccio and the Polpette di Nonno (housemade meatballs in a marsala caramelized onion pomodoro served with a pesto and parmigiano crostini).

As I usually do, I kept looking around to see what the other tables were ordering – a family sitting behind my Mom and I ordered a pasta sampler, so I had to request the same (unfortunately, in small version, because if I ordered what the normal order size was, what the family was eating, I would have probably walked out bouncing and unable to move). This combination, the Pasta Pazza e Pezzi ($20.95 per person, for a minimum of two) is a combination of four classic pastas: Fettucine Ghiottone, Garganelli Arrabiatta, Fusilli Tartufate and Linguini Pest.

Dinner w Mom at Q4 Restaurant

As I am an Italian food addict, I ordered on behalf of Mom and I. We were offered as indicated above Garganelli Arrabiatta (garganelli with pancetta, mushrooms, fresh tomato and peperoncino), Fettucine Ghiottone, Fusilli Tartufate (fusilli with wild mushrooms, porcini cream and shaved reggiano parmigiano) and Linguini Pesto. All of these favorites of mine, specially the Ghiottone.

When we came to dessert, I was pretty much the only one who was going to eat it. Not because my Mom didn’t like the desserts themselves, but just because she knew that I was going to eat it all. Which I proceeded to do, with much delight.

Dinner w Mom at Q4 Restaurant

Dinner w Mom at Q4 Restaurant The truth be told, for the longest time I thought of Q4 as a restaurant to go when it was special occasions. But Patrick told me that they instituted Pasta Tuesdays (with a variety of pastas for only $10) precisely to dispel that notion, and just to tell people that you could just come for dinner on Tuesday and enjoy a good, solid Italian dinner without breaking the bank (which is important!).

Overall, I will definitely come back for dinner many times, and in particular, with people I care for. Thanks to Q4 Ristorante for inviting me along with my Mom, she absolutely loved it!

Disclosure: Our dinner and drinks (my Mom and mine) at Q4 Ristorante were complimentary (and a very kind gesture as my Mom was leaving town and this was a great way to send her off). I wasn’t paid to write this review, nor was I required to do so either. In any review I write or publish on my site, I retain editorial control at all times. Should you have any questions/concern feel free to contact me via e-mail through my contact form.

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Tanis TsisserevAugust 3rd, 2010 at 2:40 pm

I am so thrilled that you were able to take us up on our offer to dine at Q4 and rediscover the restaurant to celebrate your mom’s birthday. Like, you I love peeking around at what other people are ordering when I dine at restaurants I always get great ideas that way. Next time you’re at Q4 be sure to try the pizza – it’s fantastic on the patio for a casual summer supper. thanks for your support Raul!
Tanis Tsisserev
Publicist for Q4 Ristorante

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