My summer wardrobe and cologne choices

My summer attire Academic and professorial as I like to portray myself, I do still enjoy fashion and modeling. I don’t have by and large the body that a professional model would have, but I am in decent enough shape (my Mom was super sweet when she said “sweetie, when was the last time you wore something in size Small? I’m SO happy that you look in such great shape!. Geez, thanks Mom! (*eye-roll). But honestly, I do feel much better now and the attire I’m showing on this post is what I wore today to a lunch with my friends Liv and Allie. Both of them are fashion geeks and I wanted to wear something that would make me look professional, yet summery.

My Mom was unsure of my wearing a necklace, but I think this one is sober and fashionable. I am trying out again Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui, a cologne that was en vogue a decade ago, but I think it’s a nice smell. For the feet, I went with open-toe sandals that would allow my sparkling glittery nail polish show (yes, I did paint my feet nails – heck, what’s a pedicure without nail polish). The shorts and v-neck t-shirt are by Banana Republic (dressy, and comfy).

So, what do you think?

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