Trattoria Italian Kitchen (@Glowbal_Group)

Trattoria (Italian Kitchen) I had wanted my Mom to spend some more time with JT than just a brief “hi, how are you” so I took him and my Mom for dinner to what was the last of the Glowbal Group restaurant chain in my list of “I have to eat here“. While I have been to the original Italian Kitchen (in downtown Vancouver, Alberni and Burrard), I hadn’t been yet to Trattoria Italian Kitchen.

I did not pay attention to be quite honest to what dishes we had, as my Mom had the feature pasta (with jalapeño peppers and prawns, as a matter of fact) and I had a new dish (the PDF version of their previous menu is here – the dish I had hasn’t been posted yet). The service was great, and our food was brought to us promptly and courteously. All of our entrées were priced in the range of $12-$16.

Trattoria (Italian Kitchen)

Trattoria (Italian Kitchen)

Trattoria (Italian Kitchen)

Mom and I ordered mojitos ($8, the special feature for last night) but surprisingly, the server brought my Mom the one she didn’t want (watermelon), identical to the one I did want (she had ordered peach). Other than that minor glitch, our dinner was super smooth and tasty. Dinner for 3 came to less than $65 before taxes and gratuity, which isn’t all that bad quite honestly. I would come back to Trattoria Italian Kitchen, although I will admit that next time I’m sticking to my trusty Kobe Meat Balls and/or Puttanesca.

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TeresaJuly 20th, 2010 at 4:14 pm

I’ve had ok meals at Trattoria. The special bruschetta is fun to eat too. It’s just a nice Kits location for people watching while having some decently priced Italian food.

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