At the 6 months mark, I feel integrated again

At the end of last year, I wrote a blog entry (for those of you who have just started reading my blog, it’d probably be a good one to read) where I outlined my goal for 2010: to feel like an integrated person again. My definition of integrated person is the same that I grew up – “someone who does art, science, humanitarianism and sports, all equally well/intensely”.

As of July 2010, I feel that I am somewhat integrated again.

Steveston Village

I may not be back to the high levels of competitiveness I used to have when I was doing competitive dancing, volleyball, or tennis, but I am back to dancing with certain regularity, playing tennis and volleyball on occasion. I have been swimming consistently in the mornings, and doing cardio (running) 3 times a week, as well as weight training. My diet has been consistently supportive of my weight-loss goals, and I haven’t been doing the fast-food-chain stuff as often as I used to.

It was a rough January to June 2010 as I was trying to combine everything (teaching, research, consulting, social media activities, volunteering/non-profit/conference organizing, exercising and making time for friends). Teaching 4 courses (2 university, 2 college) really put me under a lot of stress, but gave me again the confidence to teach in multiple arenas and subject areas.

My research productivity and output hasn’t been as high and consistent as I would have wanted to, but I’m spending the rest of the summer fixing this. I was fortunate to have my Mom visit me for a full month, which was incredibly recharging for my inner batteries. And in the fall, I’m only teaching one undergraduate course, with potential guest-lecturing in another. That should give me enough time to focus again much more on research and to maintain the current level of effort with my consulting.

So, that’s where I am right now.

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