Sockeye City Grill (Steveston, BC)

I was told that visiting Steveston, BC without doing the traditional ‘fish and chips’ was pretty much doing it all wrong. So, JT and I decided (albeit a tad late) to have dinner at the docks. We couldn’t get to Paijo’s because they were closing (yeah, even if it’s super sunny at 8pm, it’s still 8pm and thus some of the restaurants are closed, particularly on Sunday).

Sockeye City Grill (Steveston, BC)

Sockeye City Grill (Steveston, BC)

We walked around the Steveston Village docks, disappointed that we might not actually get to eat fish and chips. Then we came across the Sockeye City Grill. I’m glad we did. Despite having lived in England (Manchester and London, actually) I never really was a fan of fish and chips. But I love tradition.

And from what I hear, fish and chips are traditional food in Steveston.

The combos that we purchased from Sockeye City Grill (they have a takeout stand) were inexpensive, in my opinion. Less than $11.50 for two pieces of cod and chips, to go (plus drink, $2.00). Dinner for 2 was less than $26.00. And the fish and chips were to-die-for. I had them with vinegar (the chips) and tartar sauce (the fish). I’d definitely suggest to come visit and try it out. It’s a good alternative for fish and chips.

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ChrisJuly 17th, 2010 at 9:00 pm

Sockeye City is a decent alternative to Pajos – I’d also recommend Dave’s Fish & Chips on Moncton.

HarrietJuly 19th, 2010 at 8:01 pm

I know this post is not really about PAJO’s but I really LOVE that place ;)

Steveston « Voony's BlogAugust 30th, 2010 at 12:23 am

[...] disregarding the catch of the day, the Vancouverite will like to head here to enjoy a fish and chips. Nevertheless, the Stevenson food scene has matured a bit in the recent years and you will be able [...]

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