Gulf of Georgia Cannery (Steveston, BC)

I love being a tourist in my own city. Well, the truth is, Richmond (British Columbia) is not exactly my own city. And technically, Steveston is a community of its own (that’s why I subtitled this post with Steveston BC, even though it’s located in Richmond). I have several good friends who live around there-ish, like Erica Hargreave and Stephen Rees, as well as C and B (two friends of mine from offline). But despite the fact that I had not been to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, I had always wanted to swing by, even if only from the outside (I understand it’s open to the public, from the Parks Canada website).

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historical Site

One of BC’s few historically intact canneries, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery commemorates the history of Canada’s West Coast fishing industry from the 1870′s to the present. Inside the massive wooden building visitors will experience an introductory film, guided tours with knowledgeable interpreters, and interactive exhibits. This vibrant heritage is justly celebrated in the picturesque fishing village of Steveston, home to Canada’s largest fishing fleet as well as many tempting shops and restaurants [Parks Canada Website]

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historical Site

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historical Site

I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t see the cannery site in operation but as JT said, we can always come back. And you can be sure, I’ll be back. The Steveston Village really captured my imagination and my heart, and knowing that I would have the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site a few blocks away has made me ponder whether I’d move to Steveston. But that’s the purpose of another blog post!

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Emme RogersJuly 15th, 2010 at 10:23 pm

If your back in town tomorrow night Raul, you should join me at the Cannery. They have live jazz for the evening. And you know how I love my jazz! This is one a few concerts they have this summer.


Emme xoxo

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