The Britannia Heritage Shipyard (Steveston, BC)

You may have read some of my recent blog entries about the Steveston Village in Richmond, BC. I am definitely in love with this little town. As I was making my way around the seawall, I came upon the Britannia Heritage Shipyard.

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

From the official City of Richmond website:

The Britannia Heritage Shipyard is an authentic representation of a once thriving community of canneries, boatyards, residences and stores. City of Richmond staff and dedicated volunteers work togetherto preserve and restore the shipyard and surrounding buildings as an active wooden boat centre and waterfront park. Tour the oldest shipyard buildings in British Columbia, and observe ongoing boat restoration projects as you experience a bygone time when fishing and boatbuilding were flourishing industries on the Fraser River.

Many of the buildings date back to 1885 and tell the stories of multi-ethnic residents and workers at the Britannia Cannery and Britannia Shipyard: Chinese, European, First Nations and Japanese. This collection of buildings has national value and was designated a National Historic Site in 1992 by the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board.

I walked around the shipyard shoreline (you can see the beautiful sunset), even though the site itself was closed.

Steveston Village

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

I do plan to come back when there is activity in the shipyard (although really, I was more interested in the building itself, being as it shows the relative decline of an industry that is no longer as strong as it might have been before).

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EricaJuly 15th, 2010 at 10:30 pm

You know I use to work there Raul? Great place. Really interesting history. I can give you a personalized tour one of these days.

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