Southside Diner (Whistler, BC)

Southside Diner I had been to the Southside Diner before for dinner with Jeremy Latham and Karen Hamilton last year, when we went up to Whistler for WordCamp Whistler 2009 (the first-ever WordCamp in Whistler). I had very fond memories and when I decided to go on a writing retreat to Whistler, I decided I needed to show my Mom this cute diner.

We headed to the Southside Diner (located in Whistler Creekside) for lunch. Southside Diner has the same kind of comfort food I have eaten at Rosie’s Diner (in Victoria, BC) before, or more recently at Acme Cafe (in Vancouver, BC).

Southside Diner

Mom and I both ordered a club sandwich (very traditional) with half French fries and half green salad with dressing. The fries were tasty, and the salad was pretty average, but the club sandwich was fantastic. Both Mom and I ended up having to save half the sandwich as they were pretty big.

Southside Diner (Whistler, BC)

I’d definitely recommend the Southside Diner. Even though their menus are in PDF format (and you know how much I hate non-easy-to-copy-and-paste menus), I still think they’re awesome.

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