Whistler Creekside (Whistler, BC)

The truth of the matter is, I rarely come up to Whistler, BC. I’m not a snowboarder, I’m not a skier, I hate the cold and I don’t own a car. There. It’s not looking very good for me to come up north and spend time in the lovely Whistler, is it? But the truth is, I have been to Whistler quite a few times, just not recently. And definitely not to sky.

Whistler Creekside

Whistler Creekside I recently went up there to a writing retreat and stayed in the vicinity of Whistler Creekside. Now, the last time I came to Whistler I was driven by Jeremy Latham, good friend of mine. Thus I didn’t recall what Whistler Creekside look like. Heck, I even didn’t remember there was Whistler Creekside. Then I walked around the little village, what they call “the alternative to the main Whistler Village”.

And I fell in love with it. Hopefully my photos do it some justice.

Whistler Creekside

Whistler Creekside

Whistler Creekside

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Jen HamesJuly 14th, 2010 at 10:14 am

Thank you for showcasing Creekside! I live just up the street from the gondola, and really appreciate the quieter “alternative” to the village.

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