Refuel Neighbourhood Bar and Restaurant (Kitsilano)

Refuel Neighbourhood Bar and Restaurant I am really fond of Campagnolo and Refuel, both restaurants I have had dinner at and appreciate. Recently, Refuel partnered with me for one of my three Father’s Day giveaway (dinner and a theatre show, in this case, the combo was at Bard on the Beach with dinner at Refuel – side note, these giveaways were wildly successful). So, I was delighted to come by for dinner with Lisa, Greg, Lisa’s sister, Jenny and Thad, and Colleen. We were there to celebrate Jenny and Thad visiting Vancouver, and we all had a great time. I had sworn off alcohol for a while and thus wasn’t able to taste the delightful concoction that Rob created in honor of Jenny.

That said, I was totally looking forward to the burger-and-a-drink special advertised on Refuel’s menu. I didn’t order beer, but I had pop with it.

Refuel Neighbourhood Bar and Restaurant As noted on their menu, the burger & a beer special ($15.50 daily from 3pm – 6pm & 9pm – close), is a dry-aged beef burger topped with bacon & cheddar (I ordered mine without the cheese), served with fries & a R&B Brewing Co. beer. It’s a pretty damn good deal and while my photo does not make justice (I hadn’t had a chance to have a photo with my new camera), it was SO big and SO tasty it was impossible to finish it all.

At $15.50, it’s in the range of prices of most places I’ve been to for Burger-and-a-Beer combos. Thanks so much to Lisa for taking us all out for dinner, and to everyone who were there because it was a heck of a lot of fun. I will have to come back to Refuel to get a taste of many of their other dishes, and I will for sure be back.

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