Milestones Crossroads (Broadway and Cambie)

Milestones Crossroads Opening I’m really not sure why the area around Broadway and Cambie is now called “Crossroads” but I think its name is fitting. I was very concerned with what would be of this area during the Canada Line construction. But seeing a number of restaurants opening and business in general blossoming (from what I can see as I walk down Cambie Street now) really makes me hopeful.

Milestones Crossroads Opening One of those new restaurants, and one of my absolute favorites in the Milestones chain of restaurants is Milestones Crossroads (@milestonesxrds on Twitter). I recently wrote about Milestones on Robson, and I have eaten at just about every other Milestones in the city. The interesting thing here is that not only is this particular location a franchise, it’s franchised by local entrepreneurs. I was invited by Andrea Mac Farlane to the opening of Milestones Crossroads and I brought along some of my close friends (Minna Van and Jay Catalan from The Network Hub and Nathan Tippe and Andre Malan, both from UBC).

Milestones Crossroads Opening These folks have fairly substantial audiences on Twitter and also have good blogs, AND appreciate good food (we had a few nibbles from their menu), great drinks (one of them a new, Erin martini, completely lethal!) and a wonderful atmosphere. We all wanted to share our experience at Milestones Crossroads. The opening had a summery, Hawaiian flavor. The Beat 94.5 also joined us on site to offer awesome music and live entertainment. I fired a couple of interview questions to the franchisers of Milestones Crossroads, which I’m reproducing below.

Milestones Crossroads Opening

1) Why Milestone’s and why a franchise? You could have chosen any other restaurant to franchise, but you sought Milestones, what made you guys make that decision?

We both have many years of experience with Milestones and felt Milestones is a brand that aligns well with our values.

2) With so much variety of restaurants around the Cambie corridor, it might look like a challenge to open a new restaurant in the neighbourhood. What made you guys decide for this particular location?

We believe the Cambie corridor will be the new hot spot for Vancouver and we love competition. It makes everyone better. Perhaps most importantly, when we had the opportunity to secure such a great view of downtown and the North Shore mountains, one which is so rare in this city, we had to take it!

Overall, it was a great experience to have a taste of what Milestones Crossroads has to offer, and I want to take this opportunity to thank Andrea for the invite, to Erin Maher for connecting me with Andrea and to Milestones Crossroads for welcoming me and my crew along. As you might have seen on Twitter, we had an absolute blast!

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