Happy birthday Derek! (@penmachine)

Derek K. Miller (his own photo too)

Derek K. Miller (his own photo too)

I celebrate ALL of my friends’ birthdays, but there are a few whose birthdays I celebrate especially “with gusto” as they say in English (even though gusto actually is a Spanish word). Derek K. Miller a good friend of mine whom I met through blogging, is celebrating a birthday today June 30th, and I am absolutely delighted that he is. You see, even though he blogs about just about everything that interests him, he is currently fighting cancer. And surviving it. And that more than enough reason to celebrate. I admire Derek not only for how bravely he fights, but how cancer is just one of the topics he writes about. Cancer does not define who Derek is, Derek defines who Derek is. I feel blessed to have him and his entire family (Airdrie, Derek’s wife, is one of my best friends) in my life.

Derek K. Miller is a writer, photographer, editor, father, son, friend, husband, and all around awesome guy. Happy birthday Derek! Here is to many more!

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Derek K. MillerJuly 1st, 2010 at 4:44 pm

Thanks, Raul.

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