Eternity for Men Summer

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While I was completing my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, my parents helped me decide which cologne would be my ‘trademark’ fragrance, the one aroma that everyone would associate with me. I remember clearly that as I transitioned from the core courses in chemistry, physics and math that everyone doing a B.Sc. would need as a basis for their individual undergraduate degrees, I started taking more chemical engineering-specific courses. These would include Separation Processes I, which was taught by a female professor who (like me) loved perfumes. That semester, I transitioned as well to the next in a series of colognes created by Calvin Klein. I had already tested C.K. and Obsession for Men, and so it was the turn for Eternity for Men. I fell in love with it.

Eternity for Men Summer 2010 Bottle on White I’ve continued to use Eternity for Men (Eau de Toilette) after graduating, on select occasions. And now that Calvin Klein has released Eternity for Men Summer, I decided to try it out. In contrast to the other CK fragrance I tried, the scent in Eternity for Men Summer does not fix as well on my skin as CK One Summer does. This is kind of sad, as the top notes of ginger and grapefruit (as well as a bit of passion fruit and a slight hint of melon) are easily detectable, but the lower notes of driftwood, amber and musks (creamy) tend to fade after a few hours (which wouldn’t happen with CK One Summer).

I have consistently tried Eternity for Men Summer every day I’ve been teaching, and the fragrance seems to be a hit. It’s a fresh, breezy, sweet and summery cologne and one I can easily recommend, hands down. I just wish it didn’t fade as much after 4-5 hours! Retails for around $ 75.00 CND plus tax.

This is a republished version of my Lipgloss and Laptops review. For the original post, click here.

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