The Werewolves of Creston (guest post by @ntippe)

This post was contributed by Nathan Tippe, a good friend of mine and BComm student at UBC

When I goes out to a venue with live music, I expect one of two things:

1) Recognizable, sing-along-able songs, or
2) High quality, well performed original music.

The Werewolves of Creston have both. That may seem odd, because previously recorded music is not original, but they manage to pull it off. Let me explain.

The Libra Room (Commercial Drive)

They are a trio from Vancouver that perform various live gigs around the city. After seeing them at The Libra Room a few weeks ago and most recently at the Fairview Pub (opening for The Deep End), I can’t get enough of their performances. They are energetic, upbeat, and most of all, brilliant.

The Werewolves play their own versions of popular music from every generation imaginable. From Sound of Music to Britney Spears, they can play anything, but they are able to make it their own. They alter the tracks to bring about a more reggae/ska sound. At first you might not recognize the song, but before long, they’ll have the whole place dancing and singing along. In fact, their genre is so unique that they have invented an entirely new name for it: “Skunk-Mashed”

Good cover bands are rare. It is tough to replicate a song perfectly or alter it to make it better than the original. The Werewolves of Creston take a different approach – they take classic songs and their successful elements, and jazz them up to a level that is perfect for the live music scene in Vancouver!

Their next show is yet to be announced, but check out their Facebook page here and follow this great Vancouver act!

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Comments (2)

Dan UdeyJune 25th, 2010 at 10:06 am

Went to see them a few weeks ago as well, loved them so much i went back again. Wonderful, talented, and funny guys. I’m not a fan of the music scene in Vancouver, but these guys are changing my mind. I wish there was more talent like this around.

MinnaJune 25th, 2010 at 11:58 am

They were FANTASTIC!

@Dan come back to Libra Room more often, they have some GREAT local talents that will not disappoint!

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