Car Free Day on Main Street

Even though I was still pretty sick over the weekend (I’m getting better now), I went to the Car Free Day (Main Street) for a bit with Minna (The Network Hub) and Erica (The Style Spy). We had a good time (even though I had to wrap myself in a good jacket, and the sun came out mid-afternoon). I was pretty impressed with the excellent organization of the festival, and the abundance of options for everything from Greek food to Jamaican to even a taste of Ethiopian.

Car Free Day Main Street

There were plenty of bands providing excellent entertainment for the crowd.
Car Free Day Main Street

Car Free Day Main Street

The Vancouver People Summit also took place between 30th and 33rd Avenue, on Main Street. It almost felt like “Sustainability Row”. Very cool, lots of booths associated with non-profits who do work on sustainability, social justice, equity and international development.

Car Free Day Main Street

New forms of transportation were also showcased, including the Spider Car.

Car Free Day Main Street

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