The Libra Room (Commercial Drive)

The Libra Room (Commercial Drive) This past week I went to The Libra Room with my friends Minna Van and Jay Catalan (cofounders of The Network Hub, and we bumped into another good friend of ours, Nathan Tippe, and his friends Trevor, Vivian, Dylan and a few others. It was a nice surprise, and we all got to enjoy some of the music of The Werewolves of Creston (blog post forthcoming).

Despite the fact that I had already been to The Libra Room, I had never written about it. I’m not 100% sure why was that, but it is now about high time I get a blog post out of it. Particularly because the live music, and the food, and the drinks were excellent.

The Libra Room (Commercial Drive)

I had a couple of martinis that The Libra Room suggested (paired with my zodiac sign, Virgo), discriminating, clever. Made with vodka, espresso vodka, white chocolate ($ 8.50). Jay, Minna and I ordered a Mediterranean platter ($ 20.00) and we shared amongst the three of us (I thought it was more than enough food for all!)

And the service was pretty good up until the point when we requested the bill. The servers were very sweet, but not always on top of refilling our glasses of water.

The Libra Room (Commercial Drive)

Overall, it was a great night (I didn’t upload photos of my drinks because they were over-exposed). And I’ll be writing separately about the Werewolves of Creston, such a versatile musical trio should be assigned their own blog entry. Commercial Drive, you still have my heart, and the best entertainment this side of Main Street.

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