Six Acres (Gastown)

Six Acres (Gastown) I have been to Six Acres in Gastown more times than I can recount. But how many times have I blogged about it? None. So I figured it was time I put my time to good use and recognize one of the bars where I feel most comfortable. Six Acres, located right across from the Gassy Jack statue. I first had a Pimms at Six Acres and it remains my favorite drink to have on their patio. Six Acres is open Monday through Saturday from 5:00pm to 1:00am, and there have been many a time when I have come here after a long week of work (my office is downtown) and grabbed a drink on their patio. My two most recent visits included Chris Walts one time.

Six Acres (Gastown) Another time I came here with Maura Rodgers, Danny Robinson, Paul Rickett and Cinci Csere. Always fun and relaxing. What I find most attractive about Six Acres is not so much the drinks or the patio but the very relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, the service is always really good. Even when I request a drink that is not the way it’s publicized in their menus, they happily oblige.

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