Milestones Grill + Bar (West End, Robson Street)

I have eaten at Milestones dozens of times but then again, I never get around blogging about it. And the wonderful lunch I had there with my good friend Rebecca Bollwitt and her Mom at the Robson Street location (1145 Robson Street) gives me the perfect excuse to blog about it.

Lunch with Rebecca Bollwitt and her Mom at Milestones on Robson

Both Rebecca and I ordered a Lunch Trio (soup, salad and half sandwich combo – mine had a Caesar salad, a chicken spinach asiago Ciabatta sandwich without the cheese, of course, and the soup was if I recall correctly spicy tomato). For $10.99, it seemed like a pretty decent deal for lunch (soup, salad and a sandwich).
Lunch with Rebecca Bollwitt and her Mom at Milestones on Robson

I like Milestones because it’s reliable good food, the prices may not be that inexpensive, but it’s good solid food, both for lunch and for dinner. I’ve never been impressed with their brunch, though.

For me, the company was what made all the difference. It was nice to spend some time outside the craziness of a multitude of social events just with a good friend and her Mom. Despite commonly-held beliefs, Rebecca and I don’t actually have as much time to hang out – we are both insanely busy and while we both blog because we love it, blogging is not our day job! Rebecca builds awesome websites along with her husband John through their company (Sixty4Media). I do research, teach, do consulting and on top of all, I do my social media stuff. So it’s always nice when we get a chance to spend some time to relax and chat. And not necessarily blog about it.

Overall, Milestones on Robson is a solid location for good food, I’d come back for sure.

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