Cardero Bottega (West End)

Cardero Bottega (lower West End) I had written about the economic geography of the lower West End, the few blocks contained within the bounds of Robson Street, Denman Street, I’d say Nelson Street and Bute Street. It seems to me as though that’s the area where you can find little cute shops within the residential area. One of those is Cardero Bottega. I had wanted to go there for lunch for a while now.

After we recently visited Roedde House Museum, JT and I stopped at Cardero Bottega for lunch. I ordered a LaFayette sandwich (with garlic roast beef, balsamic onions, havarti and creole mustard – of course I had the havarti cheese removed), for $7.50. Not really expensive. Had I wanted a hot corned beef sandwich ($8.75) as my friend did, I would have gotten a fairly big sandwich.

I liked the sandwiches and the style of Cardero Bottega, but if I had no geographical restrictions, I probably would go to La Grotta Formaggio on Commercial Drive, as that’s more my style. But Cardero Bottega is not bad at all. With the look and feel of a New York-style deli, the sandwiches are delicious and not expensive, and they are a welcome alternative to restaurant dining. You can have lunch outside if the weather is nice.

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