Grand Opening of Prestons Restaurant at Coast Coal Harbour Hotel

Prestons at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel Whenever I am invited to restaurant openings, I am almost always betting I’m going to bump into a bunch of my food blogger friends. It is a nice departure from other social media events I attend and one that I really enjoy. As the organizer of the Vancouver Blogger Meetup, I feel kind of responsible to know just about every blogger in Vancouver, even if they don’t know each other prior.

Prestons at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel Given that my blog has a very strong food review component, although it’s not its main focus, I always feel privileged when I get to be as a guest to these types of events. Plus, I get to eat really good food AND write about it. I was invited this week to take part in the grand opening of Prestons Restaurant at Coast Coal Harbour Hotel. I had walked by the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel earlier this year.

Prestons at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel Joined by popular foodie bloggers Minju (FollowMeFoodie), Sherman (Sherman’s Food Adventures), Victor (Ho Yummy) and Jason Sanders as my Plus One, I had an opportunity to explore the various types of dishes that Prestons offers. While for some people restaurants at hotels may just be seen as the places where travellers eat while on business trips (at least, that was MY view when I was doing a lot more work-related travel), I have had a chance to sample a few of the restaurants hosted at hotels in Vancouver, and I have no complaints. But in the case of Prestons, I would go beyond “no complaints”.

Prestons at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel Prestons is the kind of restaurant where I would bring a friend for dinner. We were offered a sampler of their menu (all of it, not only the Mixers, but we went through the main courses and a beautiful sampler of dessert sushi – yeah, dessert sushi! I had never eaten it, though I had seen it in photos). When we arrived, I made a point of chatting with Chef Alessandro Vianello to find out more about their menu.

I loved the seared diver scallop & sweet prawn gyozas, presented in cute bamboo baskets. I also sampled a small bowl of traditional Pad Thai with chicken, prawns & tofu. Bear in mind I do not usually eat Thai food, so for me, it was great. I found the slider burger very tasty but the bun was a little too big. The flavors were fantastic, though. And the martinis. Prestons’ martinis are incredible.

Prestons at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel Keeping in line with what I have done at other restaurants in my recent reviews and/or coverage of new restaurant openings, I looked at the price lists, and I found main courses priced between $13-$26, in the general range of what I have seen in restaurants in downtown Vancouver (and I would say not badly priced for a Coal Harbour-based restaurant).

The food was very good, I found the ambiance of Prestons very nice, and the service was really superb. And the dessert sushi was nice too (although I wasn’t totally sold on the fruit ‘nigiri’). Prestons is located at 1177 West Pender Street in Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC. You can make reservations by calling 604-673-2173.

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Disclosure: My and my Plus One’s samplers and drinks at Prestons were complimentary. I wasn’t paid to write this review, nor was I required to do so either. The purpose of this media dinner was to introduce several foodie bloggers (myself included) to Prestons. In any review I write or publish on my site, I retain editorial control at all times. Should you have any questions/concern feel free to contact me via e-mail through my contact form.

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Comments (3)

ShermanJune 4th, 2010 at 11:48 pm

Thanks for the shout out Raul and nice to finally meet you.

KimHoJune 5th, 2010 at 1:50 pm

Given that both of us were in the same event, I have some counter questions for you: how can you make an assessment of a restaurant based on a grand opening? Read: since the food served at this event is not representative of the food you would order (and be served). Or, as I asked you about the food served: would you pay for it?

RaulJune 5th, 2010 at 9:19 pm

@ Sherman – it was nice to meet you (again – you perhaps don’t remember me, but we had met at another event before!)

@ KimHo – As I told you at the event, I would pay for it. The restaurant has been open for a few months now (I talked to the general manager), it’s just that they had never had a formal opening. We did have samplers of the food they offer (I reviewed the menu).

I’d have to come back for a second assessment (which I often do when I review restaurants) – want to come back with me?

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