Robson Sushi (Robson Street, West End)

Robson Sushi I thought I had been to Robson Sushi before with my friend K but it turns out, I was completely mistaken. But a few weeks ago, JT and I ended up at Robson Sushi for dinner – we were just walking around and said “hey let’s try this sushi joint we’ve never tried“. While I cannot say that I found Robson Sushi much more different from other sushi restaurants I have been to, I would say it is definitely nice.

The bento box I ordered was not much more than $10, the rolls were tasty and filling. I would definitely come back for lunch or dinner (only if I were in the West End, I would not make a trip given that I have so many tasty sushi choices in other parts of the city where I hang out). I’d say it’s comparable to other sushi restaurants I’ve previously reviewed, but definitely in the higher-rung of the scale.

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jakeJune 1st, 2010 at 1:06 pm

I used to go for their all you can eat dinner – lots to choose from and was reasonably priced.

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