Olympia Pizza and Pasta Restaurant (Denman Street)

Olympia (Lunch with Spencer Herbert) I am glad that lately I’m eating a little bit more varied than my usual Ethiopian, Japanese or Mexican food. I had an opportunity to have lunch with Spencer Herbert a few weeks ago (whose office is really near by Olympia) and we decided on Olympia Pizza and Pasta Restaurant. It had been a long time since I had set foot at Olympia (since my Mom and my best friend’s Mom came to visit).

I was very glad to make a trip back. For lunch, I ordered a grilled chicken breast special with rice and potatoes, which took me a long time to finish as the portions were so abundant. The flavors were excellent (I’ve always had a soft spot for Greek food but rarely have a chance to eat it), and I was so full I had to walk back to my office at The Network Hub. Overall, considering that lunch was around $12.00 with drink included, I would say it’s reasonable. I’m more prone to go to Olympia for dinner than for lunch, to be quite honest.

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livMay 24th, 2010 at 7:16 pm

ooh this reminds me i need to go eat some greek food. i haven’t had any in so long. i am craving some chicken souvlaki, I like olympia too and it’s convenient in the west end.

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