Manhattan (Delta Suites Hotel)

Brunch at Manhattan I’m very lucky to have amazing friends. One of the closest friends I have (CB) came to Vancouver a few weeks ago for work, and on the last day of his stay, we went for breakfast downtown. Hard to find a reasonably good restaurant at the ungodly hour of 7:00am in the downtown core, so CB and I ventured into uncharted territory. After all, most of the places I know DT are mostly lunch/dinner oriented.

Brunch at Manhattan I am glad I decided on Manhattan at the Delta Suites Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Not only because the breakfast is, indeed, really good, but also because the Delta Suites Hotel is exactly 15 seconds away from my office downtown at The Network Hub. So, after breakfast, I could have quickly walked half a block and start working (I didn’t because I went to the airport with CB, but I could have).

Prices for breakfast at Manhattan are, surprisingly, quite reasonable and in line with most of the hotels I’ve had breakfast at and most of the middle-to-high-end brunch places I’ve visited. For my breakfast (scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, toast and ham with a little fruit salad on the side), the item was marked at $12 plus tax. Quite obviously

I would recommend Manhattan for breakfast even if the prices are substantially higher than the ‘greasy spoons’ – it will definitely be cheaper than Provence Marinaside and (in my opinion) better!

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