#BombaySapphire Summer Soiree

Bombay Sapphire Summer SoireeSummer of 2007 marked a really important time in my life, as I spent Pride Day (August 1st) with some of my closest friends, mostly hanging out on English Bay, watching the Pride Parade and drinking gin-and-tonics. These are three things I love separately, but in combination it’s just amazing: a bunch of good friends, awesome hors d’oeuvres AND gin. Yes, gin as in the spirit that comes in all of the James Bond’s cocktails. I have been a gin-and-tonic lover since I started dating my now ex (yeah, about 6 years ago – wow, how time flies). And yes, I kept the taste for the spirit. When in doubt, gin is the answer (always, of course, with moderation).

Bombay Sapphire Summer Soiree This week, along with a number of friends from a variety of local media outlets, I joined Merlin Griffiths (the Brand Ambassador and Master Mixologist for Bombay Sapphire) and Canada’s Grilling Guru Rob Rainford. I had already had the pleasure of meeting Merlin last year and I loved every single concoction he prepared. This Bombay Sapphire is very useful, actually, because both Merlin and Rob offered the latest tips and tricks.

Bombay Sapphire Summer Soiree While I do not entertain as much because my apartment is small, it is always nice when I do some house-sitting to be able to offer my guests a good lunch or dinner experience, associated with the season. They suggested ways in which we could enhance the summer entertaining and make it an unforgettable experience. The actual event itself was for me unforgettable. Minna Van, dearest friend of mine and co-founder of The Network Hub was my Plus One for the evening. I also was also very appreciative of the fact that I was given a complimentary Bombay Sapphire gift set. I love me some sweet swag. Overall, a great event, in my opinion.

And I did learn a lot about how to use gin in drinks AND in food! The only problem I have with these delicious drinks (including the fantastic lavender cocktail) is that they go down SO fast and SO easy. I’ll say it now again, drink with moderation! Thanks to Bombay Sapphire and all the PR team behind the summer BBQ loft event. It was very nice to see some new faces (including Dawn Chubai) and some old good friends (Vanessa, Emme, Raj, Peter, April, Lorraine, Marnie, amongst others!).

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