CK One Summer (fragrance review)

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ck one summer 2010 bottle on whiteI have to admit I’ve been always wary of anything “summer”, particularly when it comes to colognes. For me summer was usually the period of my life when I would work like crazy (in my chosen field during undergraduate, chemical engineering). Of course, I would work outside of school in my extra-curricular activities but I didn’t think I had enough time to go out and enjoy the summer, let alone try out a new cologne. This summer, I’m trying two. Actually, this spring as a matter of fact. I have recently tested CK One Summer and Eternity Summer for Men, thanks to my good friend Airdrie, whom as you know is the host of Lip Gloss and Laptops. I have done a few cologne reviews here, including my most recent one – Kenzo Power

I am, without a doubt, a CK boy. If you ask my Mom which fragrance did she remember me by, before I settled on Herrera for Men, she would definitely name one of the CK fragrances. I clearly remember I was finishing my 5th semester of chemical engineering when I decided I’d start using Eternity for Men. I’ve gone through all the CK fragrances – CK, Eternity, Euphoria, Obsession, Truth. All. Of. Them.

Before heading out to UBC this past Monday, I tried CK One Summer on my skin. The fragrance itself is definitely summery, light, fresh and entirely free-flowing. As soon as I tried it on, I could feel the top notes (watermelon, lime, pear). The middle notes include verbena and water lily, but it was harder for me to smell them. The base note has patchouli, akin musk and vetiver as well as cedarwood (both of which gives it the ‘masculine’ touch – wooden notes).

I definitely think that CK One Summer is going to be one of my two fragrances of choice this Summer of 2010. They both had a good ability to attach to my skin. It’s a cologne you can wear in the outdoors, to a social function or even to your office. I would feel confident to wear this cologne to UBC, as I am sure my students will enjoy the smell of this cologne these last few days of the term.

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