Sitar (Gastown)

I am an absolute addict to Indian food. Rarely have I found (with the exception of Ethiopian food) any cuisine that I enjoy as much as I do Indian (with perhaps the exception of Mexican and Ethiopian).

Sitar (Gastown)

I had heard of Sitar, and I had definitely walked by, but I had never made a point of having dinner there. Particularly, since it’s in Gastown and thus close to the office.

Sitar (Gastown) A few nights ago, while out on a walk with Jay Catalan and Minna Van, dear friends of mine and co-founders of The Network Hub, we were hungry so we decided to go for dinner. Sadly, late at night, it is really hard to find a place open. BUT we did score. We found Sitar, and the management team was kind enough to make dinner for us.

Sitar (Gastown) We shared a few dishes for dinner amongst the three of us, but I have to say that my favorite wasn’t even the food (which was really good) but the mango lassi. To-die-for. We ordered butter chicken (Jay), korma (myself) and tandoori chicken (Minna), all of which were accompanied with rice and papad. I had to have two mango lassi’s because they were SO GOOD.

Not sure how to compare with other Indian food places that I’ve tried, since I’ll pretty much eat anything that is remotely Indian cuisine, but I would say that Sitar is definitely on par with some of the best Indian I’ve tried (heck, even Rangoli’s). I would definitely bring a good friend here for dinner, and I’m grateful to Minna and Jay for inviting me here, because it was a great experience. The service was really good and the portions generous and tasty.

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Tia @ ButtercreamBarbieApril 30th, 2010 at 10:40 pm

i’ve been meaning to use the Entertainment coupon here. Thx for the review!

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