Joyeaux Cafe (Downtown Vancouver)

Despite the fact that my downtown courses were taught literally three doors down from Joyeaux Cafe, I never ventured in, for whatever reason. I guess I never really felt the need, although I am always puzzled by those little cafes that seem to be wildly successful in such a cut-throat industry like the food and hospitality services in Vancouver.

Joyeaux Cafe (Downtown Vancouver)

Joyeaux Cafe, while I may have described this place as quaint, nothing further from the truth. With high ceilings and ample space, Joyeaux Cafe is one of those places I can’t wrap my head around. How can a place that offers breakfast all-day starting at $4.35 stay open when there are so many other restaurants downtown? I guess the service and the quality of the food help.

Joyeaux Cafe (Downtown Vancouver)

I went there with my friend Shawn Smith, co-founder of Global Agents for Change, for brunch before he returned to complete his MBA. I ordered a breakfast ($ 4.35) with scrambled eggs, potatoes and toast and ham. As I expected, it was good, similar to the kind of food I’d get at any other greasy spoon (like The Nice Cafe on Main Street or Theresa’s on Denman Street).

Joyeaux Cafe (Downtown Vancouver)

Now that I know that it exists, I will definitely come back! It’s so inexpensive I’m not even sure I should be writing about this hidden gem!

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