Suga Sushi (UBC Village)

Suga Sushi I had been working hard and staying late at UBC to finish preparing lectures and writing a paper, and I decided I needed a walk, so I asked my good friend Erica Hargreave if she’d like to join me for a walk around the UBC Point Grey campus (which is quite beautiful). Obviously, at some point during our walk we felt hungry so we wandered towards the UBC Village.

I will confess that I totally expected this place to be kind of sketchy (not sure why) but I am SO glad it wasn’t. The sushi was reasonable and not too expensive (between $8.50 and $10.00 for a bento box).

Suga Sushi

I noticed that Suga Sushi’s bento box included gomae, which is unusual from what I have seen at other sushi places (and by heck, it looks like I’m on a sushi bender). I am not much of a bento box fan, but I love rolls and nigiri sushi. The flavors of Suga Sushi’s rolls were pretty good and the fish and veggies were fresh. It’s student fare, from what I can see, and I can’t complain! Good food, good value and great company (thanks Erica for joining me)

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