Sushiyama (Mount Pleasant)

sushiyama photoJT and I had tried to have sushi at Sushiyama not once, not twice but seriously, probably a dozen times. But we always caught them closed, not sure why. Maybe we weren’t destined to try the delicious sushi that Sushiyama produces. Luckily, this Friday we were able to pick up take-out (we both chose a California Combo, for $ 7.95 – that includes miso soup). The sushi is definitely better than the one I had at Nikkyu (which, admittedly, is substantially closer to my house, but not as good). It’s also substantially better than the sushi at most Kishu’s (including the recently burned down Kishu Mountain).

sushi from sushiyama While I am not one to try the fancy rolls unless the place is very well renowned for them, like the case of Zipang or Ebisu (both Robson and Richmond), so I’m usually trying the basic combos. For the California combo, I had more than enough food. It included miso soup (very light) and 4 pieces of nigiri sushi.

I am not too keen on any nigiri that is not the traditional salmon, tuna or shellfish, so the fourth piece was kind of weird for me. Also, I’m trying to eat more vegetarian rather than fish-based, so while I love nigiri, I am more concerned with eating fish that aren’t endangered (‘sustainable sushi’ places in Vancouver).

Overall, I really enjoyed eating sushi to take out from Sushiyama, but I could totally see how I would have to wait in line to get a table. It’s a very popular place!

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Michael KwanApril 10th, 2010 at 12:25 pm

I haven’t been to Sushiyama, but I have tried Nikkyu. I agree the sushi isn’t the best there, but I do appreciate the lunch combos they have that include a bowl of noodles and some other items (tempura, sushi, etc.).

livApril 12th, 2010 at 7:13 am

never been to sushiyama. can you tell me where are there sustainable sushi places in vancity?

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