Momo Sushi (Gastown)

Momo Sushi I have had an office at The Network Hub for over 2 years. During that time I have hosted several blogger outreach events, including a couple for The Community Against Preventable Injuries (@Preventable). For those of you who have attended those events (and several that The Network Hub itself has organized), here’s the answer to the delicious sushi you’ve enjoyed: Momo Sushi in Gastown

Momo Sushi The fact that Momo Sushi is located less than 2 blocks away from our offices at West Hastings and Richards makes our lives oh-so-much-easier because we can just call and order a couple of platters and we will have enough food to feed a little army. Today my good friend Minna Van (one of the cofounders of The Network Hub) invited me out for lunch and I wanted sushi, so we went to Momo Sushi.

Momo SushiI do not think people realize just how big those rolls are and how filling they are, but let me tell you, the roll combos at Momo Sushi are big enough that after lunch, you may fall into a sushi coma. Really tasty, the fish is very fresh (if you eat fish, or you can also do all vegetarian rolls). For me, it was much more than I could handle, and right now I am fighting to stay awake.

I just hope I can make it through the Social Media Club Vancouver executive board meeting still awake! And Momo Sushi isn’t expensive, I think you can have a decent lunch for less than $9.00. Overall, my kudos to Momo Sushi for consistently good sushi.

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mehnazApril 8th, 2010 at 3:57 pm

One of my favourite places to lunch when I worked downtown! Also great for a casual dinner with a friend. Love their teriyaki too :)

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