Grounds for Coffee (Broadway and Alma)

Grounds for Coffee I have had a love affair with Grounds for Coffee for more than a decade now. It was the first place where I bought cinnamon buns outside of UBC, it is a favorite stomping ground for my good friend JT and myself, and it brings really good memories for both of us. It was also the coffee shop where I met my dear friend LB when I had to read her PhD dissertation for the N-th time :) As a graduate student (who at the time lived on campus), Grounds for Coffee was the place where I would meet my non-living-in-residence friends for a coffee. It was also the perfect place for a Sunday morning “pick-me-up” kind of visit, a cinnamon bun and a coffee for breakfast.

This past weekend, we drove all the way to Broadway and Alma to get our fix of cinnamon buns, and to do a bit of a walk down memory lane.

Grounds for Coffee

We had an opportunity to taste the cinnamon buns, which are to-die-for. All the coffee at Grounds for Coffee is certified organic. More information from their website:

Grounds For Coffee is a proud Canadian Company. We opened our doors May 10th, 1993 and have been baking the world’s best cinnamon rolls ever since. Our buns are baked throughout the day and are always served fresh! Join us for a Fair Trade Organic coffee and a Cinnamon Roll at our Vancouver location (2565 Alma Street @ 10th Ave).

We have a fleet of trucks and can arrange for delivery on commercial accounts within the Greater Vancouver Area.
Grounds For Coffee Inc. is a division of Ethical Choice Foods Corporation.

Grounds for Coffee

If you haven’t tried the cinnamon buns at Grounds for Coffee, you’re missing out. You should!

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BethApril 5th, 2010 at 1:45 pm

I can’t allow myself to go there very often because I absolutely cannot resist those cinnamon buns and they must have a zillion calories in them! Also, did you know that if you don’t get the cream cheese icing on them, the cinnamon buns are vegan?

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