Jiro Japanese Restaurant (Broadway and Kingsway)

Jiro Japanese Restaurant
315 Broadway
(near Kingsway and Broadway)

Jiro Japanese Restaurant There’s one thing I’ll never understand: how can some restaurants be closed later than 3pm, for lunch? It’s not like we don’t eat late lunches! This weekend, my good friend Airdrie and I were looking for a restaurant to have late lunch (an Izakaya, preferably), and the ones we were looking to visit were closed until 5pm. Since we were hungy we settled for finding whatever sushi place we could find.

Jiro Japanese Restaurant I had heard good things about Jiro, but had never been. The location kind of looks dicey, but as soon as we walked in the restaurant, we found a half-full place at 3pm. Which means, it must be good. Jiro offers all-you-can-eat sushi for $14.95 but neither Air nor I could really eat that much so we decided to just grab a few rolls and some nigiri sushi and sashimi. The fish was fresh, and I particularly liked the salmon nigiri.

It’s not an expensive place for lunch, I don’t think. And more importantly, it is open all day (since April of 2006, apparently, or so it said near the door). I had a really good time and the food was very good, so I’ll have to come back to Jiro at some point. Good bonus? It’s near where I live, just a few blocks off.

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