Dulcinea Chocolate Cafe (Denman and Comox)

Dulcinea Chocolate Cafe
1118 Denman Street
(near Denman and Davie, English Bay)

Cafe Dulcinea (Denman and Bidwell) After a delicious lunch at Jiro Restaurant (to be reviewed separately), my good friend Airdrie and I went out for coffee. She wanted something on the sweeter side, like chocolate, and I remembered I knew of this quaint little place on Denman Street near English Bay that sounded Spanish and had chocolate and coffee. Dulcinea Chocolate Cafe is the name of this place.

I had a little chat with the owner, who has Spaniard heritage, and she told me about all the variety of chocolate drinks she makes. Airdrie ordered a classic chocolate drink, which from what I could see, was absolutely delightful.

Cafe Dulcinea (Denman and Bidwell) I’m not usually one to decline chocolate, but I just had absolutely no space, after having had sushi AND eaten brunch at The Nice Cafe AND having eaten cinnamon buns. I think I spent from 8 am yesterday to about 8 pm eating. Seriously. The decor at Dulcinea Chocolate Cafe is very cute, shelves are stocked with Spaniard (and other Spanish-speaking countries) delicacies, and a few cute little shirts. I was delighted to see that Dulcinea is a sponsor of LatinCouver, a community with which I need to get more involved. I also found out that Dulcinea offers free wifi (all the time) and live entertainment on certain days, including Flamenco and Spanish Guitar.

I will be coming back to Dulcinea Chocolate Cafe next time I have a craving for chocolate! Thanks Airdrie for joining me!

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Comments (3)

ThebluestbutterflyApril 4th, 2010 at 10:38 am

That is a beautiful drink. Sounds like a nice place to just relax. Was it noisy? Visiting via Netchick….and I will be back to visit again. :-)

livApril 4th, 2010 at 5:40 pm

mmm that looks tasty. Hard for me to say no to chocolate almost always!

DaleApril 6th, 2010 at 10:03 am

I really like their chocolate drinks. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not on Denman street that often.

They have twitter account: http://twitter.com/DulcineaCafe for those so inclined.

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