Keep your work desk area organized

Every time people ask me about what keeps me productive, I’ll have to start first with what makes me NON-productive. A messy desk really wears me down. I can’t focus on any particular task, thus spending an inordinate amount of time trying to find papers, organize them, etc. I decided long ago that at least, once a month, I would spend time cleaning up my apartment. I also try really hard to keep my desk organized at all times.

My office at UBC

I’m usually very successful at organizing my desk at The Network Hub because I can have clients drop by any time. Also, having my colleagues from The Network Hub see a messy desk at my downtown office would make me feel embarrassed.

But since professors are seen traditionally as “messy”, I didn’t spend much time cleaning and organizing my desk at UBC. Until this past week. I decided it was over, and that I needed all my work desk areas (at home, at The Network Hub and at UBC) to be perfectly organized. The photos included in this post show you how my desk looks now.
My office at UBC

Organizing my desk at UBC is key because it allows me to have the peace of mind and clean desk in order for me to plan for the month ahead as well. Now if getting rid of the Box of Miscellaneous Stuff was so easy! It took me about 3 hours to clean my UBC desk, I don’t want to think how long it’ll take me to sort the BMS!

So my suggestion is, keep your work areas (ALL of them) organized at all times.

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