Good luck in Calgary, Tanya @NetChick!

I enjoy a rather privileged position: I have a gazillion friends from the Vancouver (and beyond) blogosphere. I’m not really sure what exactly is the reason behind my success in creating long-lasting friendships with Vancouver bloggers (and with several non-Vancouver and non-Canadian bloggers too!), but I suppose in a large part, it’s the fact that I am the organizer of the Vancouver Blogger Meetup (since April 2008).

Tanya and Raul I first started reading Tanya Davis‘ blog in early 2006, when I first started blogging. I read a profile that Rebecca Bollwitt wrote about Tanya, and I pondered “wow, what does a decade of blogging mean?”. I realized that Tanya (aka NetChick) was also the organizer of Third Tuesday Vancouver, nowadays probably the most popular social media gathering in the city of Vancouver. Through time, Tanya and I created a very strong bond, a friendship that defies the bounds of geographical location. I have always felt that there is a part of me that is SO similar to Tanya. We both enjoy creating communities, we both are very social

Tanya and I are very lucky in that in our role as Meetup organizers, we have also created many long-lasting friendships. Last weekend, I attended Tanya’s farewell party, organized by Miranda and Reilly Lievers, as well as Monica Hamburg.

Tanya's farewell party at Miranda's and Reilly's

It felt so amazing to see so many common friends of us, friends who normally don’t hang out as much with each other (unless it’s Northern Voice, BarCamp, a WordCamp or something major like that, but who were brought together because of the fact that, well, it was Tanya’s farewell.

Tanya's farewell party at Miranda's and Reilly's

I only can hope that whenever I move to a different city or country, my goodbye party will be as well attended as Tanya’s was. Particularly because I think that, despite the fact that many of our shared friends weren’t able to make it, those who attended were a good, representative sample of the breadth and depth of relationships that Tanya was able to create.

Tanya's farewell party at Miranda's and Reilly's

Tanya, I will miss you dearly, that’s a fact. But the fact that you have found love in your life, the fact that you are happy and that you are about to get married, makes me incredibly happy. Furthermore, I have all the more reason to come visit Calgary, since now I have my brother and his family, and you and Barry there!

MJ, Jerzy, Derek

Tanya's farewell party at Miranda's and Reilly's
Tanya's farewell party at Miranda's and Reilly's

Much love, best of luck and more importantly, wherever you go, you’ll always have a place in my heart.

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